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It is a Huge Event ...
Each year, starting at the
Hilton Hotel on the Atlantic City 
boardwalk, our local politicians,
as well as racers and families come out and have fun. 
Our local congressman is
our honorary chairperson and his family attends each year
as well.

Besides racers and attendees,
we raise money by selling
T-shirts, with each supporter
or sponsors name.  The race
t-shirts this year, and from
now on, will say . . .

The Al Mackler Cancer
Foundation Race

The Stephan Jonas
1 Mile Walk

T-Shirt received

Names on the t-shirt
are sold by size, $1000,
$500, $250 and $100
Please print out
both the Application/
Registration form,
and the Brochure/
T-Shirt Brochure,

for material explaining everything. Both PDF
files to download and
or print out, each have
two pages, so please
scroll down each file
for the second page.

Please join us for
the Al Mackler Cancer Foundation Race and
the Stephan Jonas Walk.

The Al Mackler Cancer Foundation Annual Run Finishing Line

Children lined up at the Race Starting Line


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